Our mission is to help you unplug from a hard-wired world, move comfortably between locations, and reconnect at your destination. Whether you’re commuting across town or voyaging across the country, we’re singularly focused on being prepared for what’s next when you’re on the move. Wherever being remote finds you, our functional design and indestructible construction mean you’ll be ready to operate when you get there. 

For us, being mobile every day is important. It’s important to our careers, our free time, and our entire way of life. To be this mobile, and to actively participate in diverse experiences in different environments, we must bring the right tools and gear with us when we go remote. We will be prepared for the elements on our treks to work and play, and we will bring everything we need for the day ahead because we packed with the intent of operating away from a home base. What we bring along helps keep us ready for whatever’s around the next bend, so where and how we carry it needs to be a complex act of simplicity. 

The story of Remote Equipment is the story of designing gear purpose-built for supporting active lives. When we disconnect from a hard-wired existence, we’re able to reconnect physically and mentally where it matters, but that doesn’t happen without the right equipment. There are myriad ways of hauling your essentials on your back, but we believe that most packs aren’t designed for staying connected and prepared for the remote life. So, we created our own. 

Our solution is organizational gear which is adaptive, comfortable, and able to take on the elements in any environment. We’re not rooted in only one material or aesthetic, but we are always on the search for improved functionality where it improves our ability to move, reconnect, and integrate wherever we stopped for a while.  

Work. Play. Bring what you need to be remote.