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    We continue making proven, mass-produced gear, but we also want to share more of our other ideas along the way. So we’re also going back to our roots, experimenting with new materials, discovering greater functionality and then putting our ideas to the test in one-offs or small batches of prototypes for sale. For us, the design/making/testing process is sacred. It’s what allows us to bring our ideas to life and most importantly, discover new ways to improve our gear. This love of experimentation gave us an idea to create a special space to share more of our new ideas. We’re calling this new phase, the PROTOTYPE PROGRAM.



    Innovation Means We Need to Make More Mistakes Faster

    We love to make and ruthlessly test our gear, now we might just make a few extra samples for those that want to live on the edge.

    Sewing, backpack

    Share more of our experiments

    Instead of hiding away our ideas in long development cycles, we're going to share more of our ideas as they develop.
    3d model

    Take More Risk

    This endeavor may allow us to use more experimental materials/construction techniques that may be best suited to small batches and one-offs.

     We will offer select goods from this program as we make them. Gear in this program may be one-offs or small batches that may one day become a regularly stocked item or live on as a unique experiment.