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    CHARLIE 25 walking






    When will I be charged for pre-orders?


    Pre-orders are billed just like regular orders and typically process in 24-48 hours after an order is placed.

    When will pre-ordered items ship?

    We are currently working to manufacture the CHARLIE 25 and Org Kits and estimate shipping all pre-orders in February 2021.

    What if my shipping address changes? Please use a shipping address that is likely not to change before February 2021 but once we are preparing shipments, we will reach out to you to double check your shipping address.
    How do I cancel my pre-order and get a refund?
    If you have placed a pre-order and would like to cancel and get a refund, email us at info@remoteeq.com to request a refund. Be sure to include your order number so we can find your details.
    I received a mixed cart notification that some items are pre-order and others are in stock. If you are ordering a mix of pre-order items and items in stock, we request that you place two separate orders. One for the in-stock items and one for pre-ordered items.