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     Backpack, sunrise, sunset, landscape, alpha 31


    We’re mobile everyday. We survive the elements on our hikes and rides to work and haul everything we need for the day ahead. Our careers, commutes and activities make our days long and unpredictable, so it’s what we pack that keeps us ready.

    Our story started with a search for gear that was purpose-built for our active life. We quickly saw that if we wanted gear that would work with our active commute, and still have the range for a weekend trek, we would have to build it ourselves.

    Our solution is to build gear that is adaptive, comfortable and takes on the elements in any environment. We’re not rooted in one material or aesthetic but defined by a search for improved functionality.



    Station, bnackpack, concrete


    Philip is a career designer and maker with over a decade of experience bringing products to life from design through to sourcing and production. In the last 10 months, we’ve dedicated 100% focus to creating a better technical bag that can travel with you every day.

    Searching for daily gear that would perform like a technical pack, Philip began designing and sewing prototypes on a mission to make high performance gear that can still travel to the office.



    Simplicity is liberating.
    We’re on a mission to make new, lasting solutions that are lean, functional and empower our users.
    We will stay true to our process:
    • Experiment with new materials
    • Discover greater functionality
    • Ruthlessly test our creations