Call 'em Sausage Rolls or Jet Pack Boosters, but these pockets are hyper-functional

Among the unique features that set our ALPHA 31 apart from other similarly sized bags on the market are the two external vertical pockets on the front side of the pack. These two pockets are roughly 12 inches long and 4 inches deep, give or take the size of a large Subway Club sandwich (all the veggies, light on the mayo, salt and pepper, please).

The ALPHA 31 is the first bag to roll out of Remote Equipment. It’s been a head-tuner from the start, with Carryology starting its 2018 review with "Watch out world, the ALPHA 31 has landed, and in two words, it’s amazing." 

That flattering Carry ology review was the first time the public laid eyes on the ALPHA 31, and in it, the reviewer dubbed those two external vertical pockets "sausage rolls." ­ For the past five years or so, even after several iterations and upgrades to the bag, that name persists.


Are there better names for these two pockets? And for what, specifically, can those pockets be used? Given it's 2024, we made like high-school kids in the spring of our senior year and asked ChatGPT to give us five descriptive names for the two external pockets on the ALPHA 31. Here's what AI gave us:

  • Utility Pockets
  • Accessory Compartments
  • Quick-Access Slots
  • Expandable Pockets
  • Modular Storage Sections

Overall? AI's answers were pretty vanilla. Lame, even.

So, we changed tactics. We decided to crowdsource answers from the Remote Equipment Users Group, a private Facebook group of some 635 folks in the Metaverse who often share strong opinions about Remote Equipment bags.

Here's what the Facebook group gave us:

  • Jet-Pack Boosters
  • Torpedo Pockets ("If I'm feeling fancy.")
  • Front Pockets
  • Tenderloin Pockets
  • Flex Pockets

Overall? Facebook's answers are much better than what we an artificial intelligence program generated. That's to be expected. These are actual human beings who've used the ALPHA 31 in real life. And what, you might ask, do those actual human beings put in the sausage rolls/utility pockets/flex pockets?


Among the items Adam Nevins puts in there is a selfie stick, a DMade dopp kit, camera lenses, Snickers bars and other snacks, keys, charger and cable, a DJI Pocket (it's a camera), and glasses in a case.

Joel Wakeman uses it for snacks as well, but his list also includes a packable jacket, an umbrella, a first-aid kit, sunglasses and a 500ml Nalgene bottle.

"Endless options," Wakeman wrote.

 Johnny Cargill uses it for glasses and other smaller, organizational pouches"*

 Jake Tolbert, who clearly values organization, took it a step further.  Tolbert sewed a Velcro loop wall into the right pocket; now a pencil case, an elastic loop for headphones, a GaN charger, and a USB cable all have dedicated spaces.
            "There's tons more room, but everything is well-organized and easy to grab," Tolbert wrote.

Finally, a user who goes by the name "Coco Del Mar" (which is a swanky part of Panama City) said among the items they use the pockets to carry are paintbrushes, rules, flashlights, pocketknives, resistance bands, and – most importantly – "non-sausage foods."


*About those other organizational pouches: Our ORG KITS are too large to fit inside the external vertical pockets of the ALPHA 31. That's something our product design team is aware of. But the ORG KITS are made to be lashed onto the outside of the bag, anyway, providing even more storage options.