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There's a spectacular sunset glowing on a late-summer evening on Lake Champlain, and J.D. Blackburn is trying to get some work done. As the sun begins to sink behind New York's Adirondack Mountains, Blackburn lies on his back on the rear of a bass boat, attempting to use the alpenglow to illuminate the "Mercury" lettering on the outboard motor he's taking photographs of.

As workplaces go, Blackburn's is stunning on this particular night. It's been breathtaking for most of the day – a day that saw Blackburn and two friends fishing the big Northeastern lake for more than eight hours. Sure, Blackburn was fishing, but he was working, too.


Blackburn, 48, owns Pro Fishing Management, a company in the bass fishing world that helps companies market the gear professional anglers use to the approximately 30 million Americans who bass fish in the United States.

"We help companies leverage their pro staffs," Blackburn said, explaining his work. "We capture, produce, and edit digital platforms for the fishing space. We also facilitate some representation work on behalf of professional anglers."

Which means this: Blackburn follows professional bass anglers around the United States and produces social media posts, blog posts, photographs, and copy for use by the leading manufacturers of rods, tackle, outerwear, and boating equipment in the sport. While in most cases the brands are his clients, in some instances the anglers are, too.


While his home office is in Nashville, TN, his work takes place on places like Lake Champlain between New York and Vermont, Smith Lake in Alabama, the St. John's River in Florida, the St. Lawrence River in New York, the James River in Virginia, and the Santee Cooper Lakes in South Carolina.

Some days, he grabs an internet connection at a Waffle House, but quite often he's on the phone or his computer while dockside or on the water.

"Every day I'm thankful I don't have to sit in a cubicle," he said. "My work takes me to some of the most beautiful and inspiring places on Earth."


Being on the road – or more precisely, the water – often means Blackburn lives much of the year out of his travel bags.

"I like my bags," he said with a chuckle. "I'm not a suitcase guy, so I've got a backpack with my camera gear, one that has my computer and hard drives, one that has drones, I have raingear in a drybag, and a bag with footwear. I have a lot of them."

Blackburn describes his travel schedule as non-typical. Sometimes he'll drive 1,000 miles, sometimes he flies that far. The tournaments he covers are often located well away from the Hiltons and Marriotts of the world, so he'll stay for a week or so in a lakeside Airbnb or a mom-and-pop motel where bass boats can easily back into the parking spots. He's worked with some of the biggest names in the esoteric world of bass fishing and produced content in some of the wildest and rawest weather.

"I love working remotely," he said. "When I used to say that I didn't have an office, people kind of looked at me funny. I'm less of an outlier now, but I'm not the kind of person who considers himself as just working from home."


Blackburn had the chance to try out a CHARLIE 25 earlier this year and it quickly became one of his go-to bags for keeping a couple of days' worth of essentials close at hand.

"But I made a mistake," he said. "My wife is going back to grad school for archelogy, and she was invited to go on a dig of an ancient remains site in Egypt. She took the Remote Equipment bag with her and instantly fell in love with it. So it's hers now."

Don't worry JD: We've got plenty of those bags in stock. And we can ship them to you – wherever that is.

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